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Planning Your Engagement Photos

Planning Your Engagement Photos

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Engagement photos can be super exciting and intimidating at the same time! Your engagement photos should capture your truest selves, be full of love and tell your story. Here are some tips on planning your engagement photos.

1. What to Wear

Choosing an outfit is tough.  I suggest bringing two outfits. One fancy outfit and one that you are most comfortable in. Check with your photographer to see if they’ll allow two outfits. Whatever you choose to wear should reflect YOU.  If  you don’t wear dresses then why wear the dress for photos? Also, it is very important to consider the weather and terrain, especially in Boone!  An engagement shoot at the top of a mountain will mean you’ll need to bring along your hiking shoes and you can change into your other shoes at the top. If it’s winter, then bundle up in that beautiful scarf and sweater. There’s no need to pretend that the weather isn’t what it is.

Boone Engagement Photo

2. Engagement Photo Vibes

The best vibe for your engagement shoot is YOUR vibe. An easy way to break down your photo vibe is how you style your home (or want to style your home). Is your home funky, modern, traditional, stylized, unique, or vintage? Build your engagement and wedding vibe off of the style of your home. Or consider what style you want to emulate! Break out of that box and do something you wouldn’t necessarily have the guts to do IRL. Next, create a pinterest board that expresses and expands that style. Coming up with your vibe doesn’t mean you need to come up with how to accomplish that vibe, that’s our job. Finally, share with us those ideas and we’ll find the perfect poses, lighting, editing, and camera angles to accomplish that vibe for you.

Boone Engagement Photo

3. Location

As your Boone Wedding and Engagement Photographer you know I’m going to push an outdoor engagement shoot. But for real, location choices can boil down to two topics: Special place or a destination.
1. A Special Place: Nothing gets me like a romance story. Your special place may be where you first met, or where you had your first kiss. If you and your partner have a special connection to one location, use it! Let that tell your story, and definitely cue your photographer in on the story. We’re great at capturing your story in your photos.
2. A Destination: Take advantage of this amazing moment and choose the location that you’ve been drooling over for years. The Blue Ridge Parkway is my favorite. It’s absolutely breathtaking and there are so many different locations to choose from. The beach is another gorgeous setting that brings a nice air of romance to it and beautiful natural light. Luckily we have both in NC.  Most photographers would love to travel a bit.  If not, find a photographer located near your destination! Instagram is a wonderful place to search hashtags to find the photographer for you.

Boone NC Engagement Photo

4. Time of Day

After you choose your location, it’s time to focus on timing.  If your shoot is on top of a mountain, reaching the location a little before golden hour is your best bet.  Go to that special park and discovering what times of day the park is less crowded.  You love the sunrise, then hell yeah, choose a sunrise session! Your photographer will help you with all things considered.


Blowing Rock Engagement Photo

5. An additional tip for planning your Engagement Photos

First and foremost choose a photographer that is going to tell your story because an engagement session isn’t just pretty pictures. An engagement session should tell that love story.  It should show the connection you have with one another.  Give it some thought and get to planning!



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