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Best Time of the Year for Family Photos

Some advice from your favorite Boone Family Photographer!

When is the best time of the year for Family Photos? The short answer is all the time! Your kids are constantly changing and every season has something wonderful to offer. Read through below to find two seasons that best suit your family.

Fall – The Most Popular Time

The fall brings amazing weather as well as beautiful colors. Your family has just gotten back into the groove of school and it’s the beloved sweaters, scarves, and boots season. The fall is also the perfect time to get your Christmas Card photos out of the way. Book early to beat the rush and not worry about getting the cards out in time.  Booking your Christmas cards in August, September or October would be AMAZING for me and you! No worry or rush.

Winter – Snow!

This is certainly the hardest season to book an outdoor family shoot. Here in NC the sun sets quite early making it hard to capture that natural daylight after your typical school or work day, not to mention the unpredictable weather. But the winter is a great time to book a cozy, by the fireplace, snuggle photo. Make sure your schedule is a bit more flexible for a winter shoot in case of rescheduling.  I’m not a fan of shooting in 30 degree temps!

Spring – It’s a new year, new us.

I find spring to be when everything changes the fastest. It’s when teens want to dye their hair a different color, when we’re a bit anxious to get out of our winter cocoon and ready for change! The weather is wonderful for family photos. The clouds or even rain in the air can provide perfect, soft, natural daylight for an outdoor shoot. Book a family session in the spring to catch those New Year changes, a beautiful blossoming tree, and that soft glow of the sky. Just remember, it takes a while for spring to hit us up here in the Mountains.  If you’re wanting those beautiful wildflowers, i’d suggest booking closer to May!

Summer – The Sunsets

As your Boone Family Photographer I suggest the summer as the perfect time to catch a beautiful golden hour family portrait. Everything is green and flourishing. June has some of the longest days of the year. The sun sets around 8:30 pm here in North Carolina, allowing time for parents to climb a mountain just in time for the golden hour photo after a typical work day. Book a summer session because school is out, summer dresses are amazing, and the family is ready for an adventure.

Now that you know the Best Time for your Family Photos:

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