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Why Book a Mini Session?

Why Book a Mini Session?

What is a mini session? Why should YOU book a mini session? A mini session is a photographer offer to provide a budget friendly/quick professional photo op for family, singles, couples, you name it! A mini session comes with a designated location and is very strict on time. The photographer is shooting multiple people in one day, they’ll have a session right after and before yours.

I love mini sessions because it can be a way for a quick headshot update, a quick family shoot, super cute and easy couples shots, or an all about you session. These sessions could even be styled, but that is up to you to do on your own time.

Here’s a few of my favorite reasons why you should book a mini session:

Kids Grow So Fast!

Mini sessions are especially appealing to families with young children. I looked around the other day and realized that my son didn’t look like any of the photos we have on the walls from just a few months ago! Kids grow and change so quickly that truly capturing their childhood can take several photo sessions a year. The quick and budget friendly form of mini sessions can be absolutely perfect for keeping those photos updated on the grandparents digital frame.


Because a mini session is typically only 15 minutes of shoot time that means you’re in and out in no time! This makes it easy for busy schedules and for kids to focus. I know how hard it is to get a 2 year old to sit down and look pretty for a photo. Imagine if that amount of time was only 15 minutes rather than 60 minutes?

Money – Keep Up-to-Date Photos for Much Less

Headshots, Family Photos, Portraits can all cost a lot of money and offer more than you need in that moment. If you’re not needing the styling, special location, or concept creation then a mini session is perfect for whatever you want minus the price tag! 15 minutes can provide a handful of wonderful photos to have on hand.

No Debate – Time and Location is planned for you

Another reason why mini sessions are affordable is because it’s the photographer’s choice on time and location. Which means if it works for you, then those details are already done. All you have to do is come ready and on time.

Are You Ready?

My next mini session will be:

Lenoir, NC

November 20-21st 2021 Christmas Mini Sessions! 

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