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Boone Wedding Venues : Photographer Approved

Wedding Venues : Photographer Approved

There are hundreds of options for a Boone NC wedding venue, some more traditional than others. The most important part is that the style of that location and venue fit you. Here’s a few of my Photographer Approved Wedding Venues for you to use in narrowing down your search:

P.S. There are SO many more wedding venues near Boone, NC that aren’t listed below!

Main Preference : Outdoor

First and foremost, I cannot stress the importance of natural light on your big day. Outdoor wedding venues provide for not only the perfect backdrop but also the perfect lighting for your ceremony. Cloudy or sunny, our best source of light is the sun. Natural lighting brings out the brighter/healthier colors in our skin, providing that extra bit of a “filter” for you on your wedding day. And last but not least, natural light creates and adds an airy quality/lighting effects that artificial indoor lighting cannot create. Chetola Resort has a perfect outdoor setup. You can see a beautiful summer wedding at Chetola here.  Old Orchard Creek Farm is a charming option for an outdoor wedding.  It’s lined with apple trees, blueberry bushes and tons of wildflowers.  

Adventure : Blue Ridge Parkway

Here in North Carolina the Blue Ridge Parkway offers several overlooks and perfect spots for a small wedding or elopement. My personal favorite factor that a place like this has is the natural backdrop. Imagine saying your vows to each other with a beautiful mountain range far in the background. Hiking up to one of these spots can also provide for some amazing getting ready shots and stories. If you’re feeling adventurous for your wedding day, this is my go-to spot.  There are a few hoops to jump through when getting married on the Parkway.  Check out this post to learn more.  You always have the option to do the day after photos on the parkway, like this photo below.


blue ridge parkway elopement

Boone NC Wedding Venue

Blue Ridge Parkway wedding

Barn Wedding

Barns, although semi-indoors, can provide a beautiful rustic feel for your wedding and most include giant doors/windows that allow for that natural lighting glow to sneak in. I’ve seen barns that have been renovated to be white and bright and barns kept natural for a home-styled wedding. A barn wedding can typically be adapted to any style that fits you and your partner best. Barns are also great for large weddings, with plenty of space for every family member and friend. A Boone Favorite is: The White Crow or Overlook BarnEmerald Hill is a great option if you’re looking for a venue off the mountain.

wedding on the mountain Boone, NC

Traditional Wedding Venues

“Traditional Wedding Venue” is a very broad term, this can include but not limited to:

  • Bed & breakfast with a beautiful outdoor patio designed for the perfect ceremony
  • A country club with spectacular panoramic views
  • Historic sites for those wanting to have a natural way to bring in some rich architectural styles or history
  • Wineries or vineyards often have a dedicated spot for a ceremony and reception displaying their beautiful fields of vines
  • Vacation rentals specifically designed for large gatherings.

I think there are several phenomenal wedding venues that provide both a beautiful natural backdrop and a styled wedding reception. If the couple is looking for a place to do it all for them a site specifically designed for weddings often have the upper hand on getting it done. 

Boone NC Wedding Venues

Boone NC Wedding Venues


Another favorite of mine for elopements. Get the ceremony out of the way at the courthouse and then take off for your perfect evening together afterwards. Have a photographer tag along to take those photos you’ll send a few months later to break the news to everyone.


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