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Madeline’s Senior Photos

Bold and Beautiful Senior Photos

Last fall we met up in Blowing Rock for Madeline’s senior photos. Ya’ll! Madeline is the total package! It was raining and SO foggy but she freakin’ rocked it! It’s the shy ones that end up killing it in front of the camera, for real. I am a true Madeline fan, and guess what else? She was accepted to Appalachian State! Go Madeline Go!

This is the best way to begin your next stage in life. They act as both a perfect ending and refreshing beginning. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing a couple different seniors out in nature at this point and I’m a little jealous of how bright these seniors are.

I suggest to all seniors to have their photos taken either in the fall to have at hand for college applications and for your graduation invites, or spring senior photos allow for a bit of a celebration just in time for graduation. No matter the spring or the fall it’s the perfect way to set out to college, trade school, or your next big step. Professional photos are great to share on linked in, in resumes, applications, or even facebook really can separate a senior apart from the rest. Show the world that amazing self you’ve created over the past 17-19 years.

Check out these gorgeous, foggy, natural photos and book your senior session or simply a personal refresh shoot here.

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Senior Photos
Senior Photos
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  1. Carrie says:

    Yay Madeline! Hope she loves ASU!