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Margot and Josh’s Engagement Session

Welcome to my blog! The one thing I have started twenty times, but what the heck, here goes twenty one. I want a way to share more photos with you and thought this would be the easiest way. A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need a thousand and one to really get the whole story.. My husband, Simon, and I have a very exciting year coming up and I want to document everything. This space will mostly be for photography, but I might share a few family and personal posts as well. So here goes nothing.

Margot + Josh

I met Margot through Instagram (what would we do without it?) She was in search of a Boone photographer for her engagement session and came across Sydney Gail Photography. We met on an exceptionally chilly August day for Boone near the parkway. I took them to some of my favorite spots along the parkway and decided to end at Rough Ridge. Margot and Josh are not from this area and wanted a super mountainous view, so I couldn’t think of a more majestic spot that was close to Blowing Rock. These two had so much great chemistry. They relied on each other while hiking in flip flops, and held onto each other while swinging their feet over the cliffs.  You could tell they were excited about engagement photos and were open to get adventurous with me! I could not have asked for a more open-minded couple to embark on this little adventure with me. It’s shoots like this that make me super grateful to be doing what I love. By the end of our shoot, Josh was a pro-poser (pun intended) and Margot was giggling at all of his interesting ideas. Let me know which photos are your favorite!

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